50 years of dance and flags

The times they are a changin'. So is Wolfsangel, welcoming the first female group members, initially all of them sisters, daughters and nieces, and very, so very shy. Soon however, shyness transforms into graceful beauty. More and more girls are joining, joyfully contributing to more diversity and lightness in the dance performance. One might expect another consequence of this mixed membership. Indeed: love is occasionally in the air at Wolfsangel... and for some, love has lasted, and supplied Alkuone with next generation members.

What's in a name ? A lot, it seems. Every honourable group must have an honourable name. How else could you make yourself known to the world? Oscar has found a source of inspiration in old Runes and calls his group "Wolfsangel", which stands for force, endurance, braveness. And gradually that name becomes famous even beyond the Belgian borders.

But in 1973 something goes wrong. A split gang from the Vlaamse Militanten Organisatie (VMO), who call themselves "Wolfsangel", cause trouble in Brussels by chaining themselves to the fence of the Russian Embassy. All Europe is talking about it. In the same week of the incident, Oscar's group has to perform in Brussels, being listed on the program as "Wolfsangel VMO". (Oscar's initials, really!). This unfortunate coincidence makes everybody believe that Oscar's dancers are the rebels. What to do about this sad misunderstanding?

Best is to abandon the original name, and choose a new one, at least as honourable as Wolfsangel. This time, Anton Van Wilderode, digging in Greek mythology, finds a powerful alternative: "Alkuone", the kingfisher, colourful, socially engaged, flying freely in the wide sky, straight to its destination. Alkuone will bring fortune and a bright international future. Wolfsangel has become a memory.

Alkuone with a Royal touch We want to express our gratitude to all boys and girls, and to all volunteers who have given the best of themselves, throughout these 50 years, to make Alkuone grow, and stand for a dynamic group of young people with a lively passion for dance and flag choreography.

Mid October 2007, Alkuone's 50th anniversary was highlighted with an exposition called "50 years of Alkuone in word and image", and last but not least, Alkuone brought a sparkling show: "Gold and New". Everyone, old members and new members, on and behind the stage, they all contribute to bringing Alkuone's honourable title of "Ambassador of Aalst and Flanders" into a beautiful shape.