Below is a list of events in which Art Group Alkuone performed :
Yearly Belgium Brussels Ommegang
historical heritage event at Brussels Grand Place, each year with Alkuone as flag wavers.
Countries where Alkuone has toured:The Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Poland, Greece, Switzerland, Japan, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Canada, France (Rocamadour, Albertville, Plozévet, Paris, Vannes, Tours ...), US (Michigan, Washington, Norfolk, Bahamas, Chicago, Milwaukee, New York, Utah ...), China, Thailand, Syria, Qatar, South-Africa.
2015 Portugal Porto, Aviero, Coimbra Show with dance and flags.
2015 France Paris New Years Parade on the Champs Elysees.
2014 South Africa Pretoria, Worcester, Capetown Cultural exchange program with youngsters.
2013 Nederland Amsterdam Show for Supertrash who presented her new collection of clothes at the Hollandse Manege.
2012 China Beijing, Luoyang Participation at the Shining Beijing Light Art Carnival and the Luoyang International Culture Tourism Festival
2010 China Shanghai Participation at the "Brussels days" at the world exposition
2008 Syria Bosra and Damascus International Bosra Festival with performances in the amphitheatre in Bosra
2009 Scotland Aberdeen Aberdeen International Youth Festival with performances in His Majesty's Theatre
2007 Belgium Aalst Opening parade of the Carnaval in Aalst
Belgium Antwerp Flag choreography composition to customer's specification, for the opening ceremony of the EuroGames (European Gay and Lesbian Sport Championships).
2006 Netherlands Groningen and Amsterdam Flag choreography made to customer's specifications, for the opening ceremony of the Univ Gymgala
Belgium Christmas parades throughout the country, organised by national TV-broadcast companies RTL- and VTM
2005 Belgium Brussels For the celebration of Belgium's 175th Anniversary :
Flag choreography composed to customer's specifications, for a VIP show at the Heyzel stadion, organized by the VBO-FEB Federation of Enterprises in Belgium.
Belgium Brussels Participation at the Brussels festivities for an audience of 500,000 people, organized by the Belgian government.
Belgium Brussels Participation at the "master of parades", organized by the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.
France Ferrières Les Nocturnes de Ferrières
historical heritage event (3 weekends)
Belgium Antwerp Choreography with 17 flag performers, composed to customer's specification, for a musical celebrating the 150th anniversary of KatoenNatie, an international logistics company.
2004 Japan Osaka 'Pacific Flower Exhibition'.
Belgium Brussels Opening ceremony of the European Championship Archery.
France Ferrières Les Nocturnes de Ferrières - historical heritage event
2003 China Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai International cultural festival. Parade with flags and drums.
Japan Osaka Christmas celebration in a shopping-centre.
2002 Thailand Bangkok International drum festival at the celebration of 500 years Bangkok.
Show with flags and drums.
2001 France Bretagne CIOFF Plozavet Festival.
China Beijing International cultural festival. Parade with flags and drums.
2000 Belgium Antwerp Thematic production for 50 years of Health Care at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp.
America New York Opening and entertainment at the 'Belgium comes to Cooperstown' day for brewery Ommegang Cooperstown
1998 Belgium Brussels Stage performance at the Special Olympics.
1997 San Marino Guest performance at a historical event with the best Italian flag groups.
1995 Belgium Brussels Performance at the beatification of Father Damian by Pope John Paul II.
Belgium Brussels Performance at half-time of the National Soccer team’s home matches.
1993 Japan Nagasaki Performance to celebrate the first anniversary of the Dutch village "Huis Ten Bosch" in Nagasaki.
1992 France Paris "La fête sur l'eau": flag waving on boats navigating in procession on the Seine.
France Albertville Opening show of the Olympic Winter Games.
1991 France Rocamadour Light and sound show to celebrate 1000 years Rocamadour.